Can you Trade Better than a Rat?

If you’re at all interested in investing or trading its highly likely you will have, at some point, seen an advert promising a trading method that will earn you a fortune.  There are over 41,000 results when searching for the word “trading” on Amazon.  To put it mildly, it isn’t hard to find a strategy to trade pretty much anything.  But can you do it better than a rat?  How about a turtle?


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US Election – The Only Story in Town

BREXIT is so old hat.  The furore surrounding the High Court decision on Thursday to prevent our Government from Triggering Article 50 without the full and considered input of Parliament, is now approaching ludicrous levels.  It is becoming an embarrassment, and if it weren’t so darn entertaining I’d be furious!  Speaking of the ludicrous and entertaining, this coming week marks the culmination of months of frenetic, frequently bizarre political campaigning from both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates for the US Election.

Trump US ElectionHillary US Election

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