Portfolio Performance – Q1 2017

In starting off my first of four portfolio updates for 2017, I have to say things could scarcely have gone better.  Performance year-to-date has been 17.44%, against 3.56% for my designated benchmark, the FTSE All-Share.  This brings my overall performance since inception in August 2015 to 29.76%.  Things are going well, however with each day I remain aware of the fact that the steady march upward can only continue for so long.  I am also beginning to find that it is getting harder and harder to find what I would deem “value” opportunities.  View my portfolio here.

Q1 2017

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CAPE Valuations March 2017

Home country bias.  The predilection for investors to invest their money in the country in which they reside, and therefore know the most about.  To varying degrees, most investors have at some point suffered from this.  Many still do.  When starting out, it makes sense to focus on those markets you know that little bit better.  Those companies you may use often, or at least are more aware of.

CAPE Valuations March 2017

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The Case for Somero: Why I Bought

Somewhat fortuitously, the past ten days have seen both my purchase of Somero Enterprises Inc. (LSE: SOM) and the publication of their final results.  As hoped, the results were good and I am therefore sitting on a 6.5% profit, but there’s little chance of me selling any time soon.  This is my first purchase in a good few months, and so I wanted to outline the rationale.


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