Building a Dividend Portfolio-Part 1

There are a great many investing strategies out there.  GARP, momentum, value plays, etc.  One of the most common is the desire to build an income portfolio.  One that theoretically offers a dividend stream that is able to match, or preferably surpass, that of fixed income holdings.  Therefore, I wanted to take a little time to look at a few criteria I would use to select such a portfolio, as well as the results that come from screening for such criteria.  This will be a multi-part series.

Dividend Portfolio-Part 1

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The Evolution of an Investing Philosophy

This morning I sold Gattaca PLC (GATC) for a 53% loss, following a trading update suggesting profits will be 10-15% below expectation.  This for me was a final straw in what has been a bit of a mess from start to finish.  I am obviously disappointed, but I’m also taking the opportunity to both learn from my mistakes and look back at how my investing philosophy has changed since I began.


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7 Reasons I’ve Become a Better Investor

I have been thinking recently about how my knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of investing has developed.  In the twenty months I have been investing both serious time and money, I feel there are certain criteria which have helped me become a better investor.  To that end, I have developed a list of 7 reasons for which this improvement has taken place.  This list is not a ‘how-to’, and you may indeed disagree with one or more of the points on it.  Nevertheless for me, these have been crucial in my development.

7 Reasons

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