XLM: A Valuation of XL Media PLC

XLM are something of a media darling at the moment, in more ways than one.  Their “materially ahead” trading statement on November 21st was music to holders’ ears, and led non-holders (myself included) to question why they aren’t invested already.

I actually looked at XL Media last year, and again earlier this year when researching Taptica (a company working in similar field).  A quick discounted cash flow model suggested the company was trading at a massive discount to its intrinsic value.  However, it’s up over 100% year to date, so is this still the case today?

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I Have Returned! So, Where Were We?

I have returned!  Did you miss me?

What do you mean, “who are you, exactly?”

Taken a few weeks off from writing recently, or should I say, haven’t had a second to think about investing, let alone write about it.  I have been rather preoccupied with my full time job as of late, you see.  New term at the school, and the autumn term is one of the busiest of the year (along with spring and summer).

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