I Have Returned! So, Where Were We?

I have returned!  Did you miss me?

What do you mean, “who are you, exactly?”

Taken a few weeks off from writing recently, or should I say, haven’t had a second to think about investing, let alone write about it.  I have been rather preoccupied with my full time job as of late, you see.  New term at the school, and the autumn term is one of the busiest of the year (along with spring and summer).

I also enjoyed a brief, but busy, trip to Amsterdam.  Amongst the many sights, I wandered past the original headquarters of the fabled Dutch East India Company:


It’s a frustration, for sure.  I haven’t had time to screen for any opportunities, discuss many investment opportunities, or follow in great depth those companies I do hold.  In fact, today is the first day I’ve had any chance to really think about things at all.  So, let’s see what’s been happening.


The portfolio stands up 40.52% year-to-date.  It returned 2.42% in October, which is reasonable but nothing to shout about.  It did, however, beat the FTSE All-Share, which returned 1.86%.

And individually?

Next seems to have lost a bit of the ‘oomf’ it discovered a few months ago, losing around 11% in the past month.  In fact, around half of my portfolio have fallen by a few percentage points during that same time.  This has been more than mitigated by the remainder, who have risen rather nicely.  ABDP, AMS, AAPL, AVON, KORS & PLUS have all returned 10% or more.  Wizz Air briefly gave me a 2 bagger, which I tweeted about, but has since fallen back a bit.

Apple released their fourth-quarter results, and much to some surprise managed to rather handily beat expectations.  A number of analysts now forecast a $1tn market cap in the near future.  Will it win the race?  I think so.

The Five Year Challenge

Last week I ventured to the other end of the country to watch Newcastle pitifully lose to Bournemouth at St James’ Park.  Was it worth the 15 hour round-trip?  There’s nothing like watching live sport, but in this case, no.  No it was not.  They were terrible.  I was however kept entertained by a tweet I put out asking for everyone’s buy and hold five-year picks:

Thanks to everyone who commented.  Quite the variety of ideas.



Imperial Brands



Sirius Minerals


Premier Oil


Total Produce



Ramsdens Holdings




Berkshire Hathaway

FastForward Innovations

And some more esoteric suggestions:


Physical Gold ETF $GBSS

Bitcoin (!)

Final Thoughts

My portfolio has had its ups and downs in the past month or so, but still handsomely up year-to-date.  Has me missing any chance to meddle with it, or check my portfolio 8 times a day done me any harm?  No.  Quite the opposite, probably.  Playtech has had a bit of a wobble recently, releasing a trading update that was unusually disappointing.  It was punished, no doubt, falling 22% on the day.  Many people would have panicked and sold out.  That may prove in time to be the correct decision, however in my opinion I think that 22% is far too harsh a punishment to befall a company who have a track record of strong performance.  I will therefore continue to hold.

I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted here, but I see so much rash behaviour on Twitter.  People moving in and out of things at a dizzying pace.  Perhaps that works for you, I don’t know.  I find it much easier and, more importantly, more profitable to be as slow moving and measured as possible when it comes to my investments.

My spirit animal is the sloth.



Happy investing!


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Disclosure: NXT, AVON, ABDP, AMS, AAPL, AVON, WIZZ KORS, PTEC, TAP & PLUS are all constituents of the portfolio.

2 thoughts on “I Have Returned! So, Where Were We?”

  1. Welcome Back Chriss, Infrastructure Funds particularly JLIF looking good value 5.7% yield IMO all driven down by John Mc Donnell’s call for re nationalisation

    1. Thanks, John. I must admit I don’t tend to look at funds, but it sounds like there’s some value to be had there. That yield sounds appealing for sure.

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