The Further Out I Look, the Less I Worry

So it’s finally happened.

Let me phrase that.

So something has finally happened.

Since beginning my portfolio in August of 2015, returns have been largely stable and definitely favourable.  I always bang on about letting your portfolio do its thing and not checking it every five minutes, which to be honest has been easy for me so far.  A nice, relatively linear upward line in my portfolio value since it began has certainly helped me sleep at night.

2018 has started a little differently.

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CAPE Valuations June 2018

Ten Cheapest Countries by CAPE Ratio 2018

Last year marked my first full year tracking a basket of ETF’s representing the ten cheapest countries by CAPE ratio.  The data on this was obtained from the excellent website.  My final post of the year for 2017 (see here) showed a before-fees return of 25.59%.

So to kick off 2018 (albeit a little later than planned), which are the ten cheapest countries, and which are the cheapest ETF’s to obtain exposure to them?

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