About Me

The British Investor

My name is Chriss, and I am a UK-based private investor with an interest in investing and markets.

I started this website to share my thoughts on stock market investing, as well as chronicle my experiences in developing a portfolio of investments.  I believe in being in a state of constant learning, therefore I am always reading at least one book (many of which are either investing or finance related).  Any books I do read get added to my recently read page, and any I think are particularly valuable to investors get added to my recommended reading page.  Last but not least, I listen to at least ten financial podcasts a week, which you can find on my recommended listening page.

I personally love a challenge, so I am attempting to make individual stock picks with the intention of beating my designated index, the FTSE All-Share.

You can view my performance on my portfolio page, which I update every quarter.  I try to publish a new post every weekend, either with thoughts on investment or an evaluation of a company.  Subscribers to my mailing list receive an email every Sunday with any new posts from the week.  Feel free to sign up by clicking this link.


Please feel free to contact me at chriss@thebritishinvestor.com if you have any thoughts or questions, otherwise, happy reading!