AVON: A Valuation of Avon Rubber PLC

This past week I have been running a few screens to look for (potentially) undervalued companies.  Whilst there were few companies that met the holy trinity of low P/E, low P/S and low P/B metrics, it seems sensible to begin to relax these parameters given the reasonable valuation of UK indices.  One company that I believe warranted more investigation was Avon Rubber PLC (LSE: AVON).


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The Case for Somero: Why I Bought

Somewhat fortuitously, the past ten days have seen both my purchase of Somero Enterprises Inc. (LSE: SOM) and the publication of their final results.  As hoped, the results were good and I am therefore sitting on a 6.5% profit, but there’s little chance of me selling any time soon.  This is my first purchase in a good few months, and so I wanted to outline the rationale.


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Where Next for £NXT? A Valuation.

“When the facts change, I change my opinion.  What do you do, sir?”

On January 4th, Next (£NXT) released a largely negative trading update that catapulted them into the public consciousness.  Not a day went by that I wasn’t offered an article discussing the fallout from this update, which led me to think about the likely apocryphal quote from John Maynard Keynes, written above.  Like any sensible investor I am led to ruminate on one of my worst performers of 2016, and whether it may now be time to throw in the towel.  So, have the facts changed?


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CAKE: A Valuation of Patisserie Holdings

This week I finally thought it might be useful to take a look at a valuation of an individual company.  One darling of the previous week has been Patisserie Holdings PLC (CAKE), having released impressive preliminary results on the 29th November.  I took a really quick look after seeing it discussed on Twitter and thought it warranted further investigation.


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