Recommended Listening

Aside from reading I am a big, big fan of podcasts.  Below you’ll find what I consider to be recommended listening if you’re seeking to develop your knowledge and gain fascinating insight into investing and markets.  And best of all, they’re free!

Focused Compounding

Hosted by Andrew Kuhn and Geoff Gannon, this is a real stock-pickers podcast.  As the title suggests, Andrew and Geoff are interested in discussing smaller companies with the potential to offer attractive rates of return over the long-term.  Focused Compounding offers fantastic insight into the investing style and methodology of its hosts.

Focused Compounding

Focused Compounding on iTunes

Focused Compounding - Recommended Listening


Superinvestors is hosted by author and former hedge fund manager Jesse Felder.  As the title suggests, Felder interviews money managers to talk through their methods and thinking on investments and economic conditions.  It has been excellent so far.

Superinvestors on iTunes

Superinvestors - Recommended Listening

Capital Allocators

Capital Allocators is presented by Ted Seides, Managing Partner of Hidden Brook Investments.  Seides follows a similar format to Patrick O’Shaughnessy, inviting guests on and letting them talk about their experiences in investment and business.  Well worth a listen if you want to learn from money managers.

Capital Allocators

Capital Allocators on iTunes

Capital Allocators - Recommended Listening

Grant’s Podcast

Hosted by author and publisher Jim Grant, Grant’s Podcast is a series of (relatively) short episodes dealing with a number of economic and business events.  If you know anything of Grant, you’ll know his experience and insight is second to none.  His podcast is an often unique take on current events.

Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

Grant’s Podcast on iTunes

Grant's Podcast - Recommended Listening

Adventures in Finance

If you’re at all interested in macroeconomic events, this podcast is for you.  A weekly, lighthearted look at events from around the world that many people have never even heard of.  Presenters Grant Williams and Aaron Chan cram so much content into each episode it’ll make your head spin.

Adventures in Finance on iTunes

Adventures in Business - Recommended Listening

Masters in Business

Hosted by Bloomberg View and presented by Barry Ritholtz, Masters in Business has some of the best interviews with money managers, businesspeople and economists out there.  Often lengthy in duration, the interviews are incredible in their level of detail.  Ritholtz asks the questions you want the answers to.

Masters in Business

Masters in Business on iTunes

Masters in Business - Recommended Listening

Invest Like the Best

Invest Like the Best, presented by Patrick O’Shaughnessy, is an exploration of thoughts and ideas on investing and money management.  O’Shaughnessy takes a look at these concepts from a variety of approaches and in doing so offers much unique insight.  Podcasts often delve into philosophical discussions as well.

The Investor’s Field Guide

Invest Like the Best on iTunes

Invest Like the Best - Recommended Listening

We Study Billionaires

This podcast is presented by Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen.  For anyone with a basic understanding of investing, this podcast is an absolute must.  They take a critical look at books on business and investing, and conduct some of the most interesting interviews I’ve found.  Their website, also has many lessons on value investing.

The Investors Podcast

The Investors Podcast on iTunes

We Study Billionaires - Recommended Listening

Value Investing Podcast

This podcast is presented by John Mihaljevic.  John conducts a series of interviews with investors and fund managers on their experiences in the world of investing.  Suitable for someone with an intermediate or above level of knowledge, there is valuable insight in these interviews.

Value Investing Podcast on iTunes

Value Investing Podcast - Recommended Listening

The Meb Faber Show

This podcast is presented by co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Asset Management, Meb Faber.  His podcasts are a relaxed but extremely insightful series, often covering many essential investing strategies in a very approachable manner.  In his words “the focus is on helping you grow and preserve your wealth.”

The Meb Faber Show on iTunes

The Meb Faber Show - Recommended Listening